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I have more and more feel that this project has found me and not vice versa.

It began with a coffee drink where an old book lying on the table, wich includes photos from the Second World War. And when I flick through it, someone said:

„That’s where the white house is!“
„There’s now the Sparkasse!“
„That’s at the church in Materborn. There was even a refugee camp!“

For me, it were just old photos, as there are so many. Suddenly I had the idea, to look, where this White House is and what is still there.

The house was still there and many little things that can be only seen on closer look. As I stood on that busy street with an expression of this old photos. All around me drove mothers their children to tennis and in front of me the photo with that british tank. And the first thing that went through my head was: „I become crazy: That was here.“ At that thought, it has lingerd. Each image that I rediscovered for me.

I took many photos and then in several attempts, there was the concept to photograph the images of the same place with the same angle again. Then they superimpose on computer and expose the foreground. The new background and the foreground old. Exposing it on the computer is always the most exciting moment for me. Because of the arising holes in time. The two moments are now so close together.

I thought at the beginning, that the project is only interesting in the local environment, but I realized very quickly that even people from other cities have shown interest. At the moment of comparing the different images the yellowed photo becomes to „now“. The time at that time is possible. The place is possible. The „THAT WAS SOMEWHERE“ comes to a: „THAT WAS HERE“.

Find your own view on the pictures.

Achim Dietz
info (at) das-war-hier.de

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